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With over 1 million active installs from the WordPress plugin repository and a company that simply looks awesome to work for, or with, WooCommerce is leading the way in helping people create quick, and highly functional, ecommerce sites through the WordPress platform.

Custom WooCommerce Thank You Pages: 7 Overlooked Hacks to Unlock Their Hidden Potential

If you choose WordPress for your online store and we highly recommend it, the obvious solution for setting up your shopping cart, product management area and payment processing system is through WooCommerce.

You can even see how WooCommerce compares with popular solutions like Shopify. But what about once you have WooCommerce implemented on your online store and you want to take it to the next level and become a power user? Check out the following WooCommerce hacks in order to truly expand your store and even make more money. The WooCommerce Product Retailers is one of our favorite additions to the WooCommerce platform, since it lets you post other retailers that may be selling your product.

This helps with comparisons, since users can search for deals or buy from a place like Amazon where they already have an account. The cool part is that you can set up incremental discounts. In fact, Zappos is known for posting videos for its shoes, showing people twisting, turning and bending the shoes for a more hands-on view.

The solution to this problem is called the WooCommerce Video Product Page plugin, which adds an additional tab on your product pages for a quick video embed from sources like YouTube and Vimeo. TrueThemes provides a wonderful bit of code to insert at the very end of your functions. This little gem assists in changing how many related products reveal themselves when someone is shopping around on your store. This one is from the folks at WooCommerce, and it provides a way for you to take the default country and state that shows up during checkout and change it to something different.

Go to your functions. To change this text, use the code below. This code comes from the people over at WPExplorer. This is one of the more tedious hacks on the list, and it has already been covered extensively by BusinessBloomer. Feel free to take a look if it applies to your store. This hack serves you rather well as an online vendor, since it helps you standout from the millions of other ecommerce stores out there.

Consumers are always happy to find a new way to pay for their goods, since it opens up new opportunities for them. Since many people already have their payment information punched into an Amazon account they can simply login and not worry about creating a whole new account.Do you want to add promotional badge on WooCommerce products to highlight your offers, discounts, latest products, trending products, featured products and so on?

If you are then, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will discuss a short tutorial to show you how to add promotional badges on your WooCommerce products. These badges can play a major role to attract the attention of your visitors and make them easy to distinguish the type of product on your eCommerce store. There are different benefits to add the badges on the products of your online shop.

Some of them are:. However, if you want to add attractive badges on your products then, the default options provided by the WooCommerce plugin might turn out to be limited. So, in order to add appealing badges to effectively improve the conversions of your WooCommerce product, you might consider using WooCommerce promotional badge plugins available. These plugins come with different templates and customization options to design awesome badges and place them on any location of your product list.

how to hack woocommerce

It is one of the most feature-rich badge manager plugins for WooCommerce packed with beautifully designed badge templates and tons of advanced features to design the most appealing promotional badges and add them on the different location of your product list.

Moreover, the plugin also allows you to attach the countdown timer on your products to display the expiry date for your offers. Then, install it on your WooCommerce WordPress website. The installation of Woo Badge Designer is similar to the installation of other premium WordPress plugins. So, if you feel any difficulties regarding the installation of the plugin then, you can take the help of its documentation.

Click on it to continue. Before, going through the settings, give the name to your new product badge. Note: Since the plugin is built customizer based, you can view the live preview of all the changes you have done while configuring the plugin.

It will allow you to view how your badge will look before adding on your product list. This tab allows you to configure the layouts and display options of the plugin.

Besides, you choose any of the 6 inbuilt positions to display your badge and also choose the badge type.

From this tab, you can enable and customize the custom design your WooCommerce badge. The custom design includes: title color, background color, background corner color, and font size.

how to hack woocommerce

Note: The background color and badge corner background color is applicable only for text background badges. From here, you can enable and add tooltips to display short information on your badge upon hovering. The tooltip can be customized by adding the custom text color and background color. You can set the expiry date and time from the inbuilt calendar, select any of the 10 predesigned timer templates and choose any of the 6 inbuilt positions to display your countdown timer on your product list.

How To Fix Hacked WordPress Site - Step by Step

After you have completed all the configurations and customizations, click on the save button to save your badges. Then, you will be able to add a badge like the one in the image below on your product list. In this way, you can add promotional badge on WooCommerce products of your online shop. These badges can be used to multiple purposes like displaying offers on your product list, highlight features and best selling products and so on.

By doing so, you can attract more your potential customers, get more click through and boost the sales of the products. So, if you want to add unique and attractive badges of on your eCommerce store then, you can purchase the above mentioned plugin at a reasonable price and follow this tsep by step tutorial. If you are looking for a Woo extension to showcase your products in a responsive slider then, check out the collection of:.

Learn WordPress - Tutorials. Last Updated on February 19, by Samriddha.And encourage their friends to browse your selection. Fact: Your customers will be friends with people like them. You pay Facebook to do the same thing for you. You pay to create lookalike audience. And pay a lot. Yes, you heard that right. Every time, your customer buys, you direct them to the Thank You Page. Now, this is a lame Thank You page. It only shows the order confirmation message with order and customer details.

Your customer has just bought from you and is in the buying momentum, take the conversation forward by directing them to well-thought options on the Thank You Page. Their recent purchase has induced dopamine rush in their brain- appreciate them for placing the order and give them the option to share it with others.

High-converting store, Etsy — takes it a notch higher by placing the coupon code on the Thank You page:.

Etsy Thank You Page offers a coupon code to the buyers as a way of thanking them. GoDaddy too thanks customers for their purchase and then presents them with a coupon code right after:. These high-converting stores know that people are in the right frame of mind on this page, they just punched in their card details and already trust the store. Also, at this point in the funnel, their attention is undivided.

Revealing coupon codes on Thank You Page ensures that you get repeat orders and your buyers spend more cash on your store. Wondering why this works like a charm and can double up your sales? Got you covered. Keep reading.So, you own a WordPress ecommerce website, and you were on a lookout for that one plugin that can help you in turning your website into a full-fledged online storefront. This hack could be due to various unpatched vulnerabilities present in WooCommerce.

These can be in form of WooCommerce Checkout Payment Gateway plugin, a XSS vulnerability in cart plugin that allows remote injection of arbitrary web script, or, a design flaw in the WordPress permission system used by plugins.

Let us move forward for more insights into WooCommerce plugin vulnerabilities hack. WooCommerce is a free plugin of WordPress. As we write, WooCommerce is powering more than 40 percent of the online businesses.

It can be accessed from WooCommerce plugin directory, and you will gain the knowledge of all the basics of setting up an online business, selling physical or digital goods.

Besides, the plugin can also help you in running affiliate sites, or it can be used to handle drop shopping for the printables and various other custom products. Whether you are into selling a few products or a retail startup with plans to flourish your business, you can use WooCommerce to add all the important eCommerce features to your WordPress website. Setting up and running your WooCommerce store along with a basic shared hosting plan is easy, but WooCommerce specific hosting will fuel, with features and support, your business and help build a brand.

The WooCommerce plugins comes with payment and shopping cart functions, and it also supports an extensive range of options using which can set up exclusive events, products, and landing pages.

This plugin serves commercial purposes well. What adds to the immense popularity of this plugin is the fact that it is flexible when it comes to customization options. On top of the built-in settings, developers, across the globe, have built a community around it and also created extensions. Of late, the platform has entered the business arena with its eCommerce plugin known as WooCommerce.

how to hack woocommerce

With the rising popularity of the platform, it has become more comfortable for hackers to infringe cyber boundaries. This, understandably, makes a beginner precarious about the authenticity of the platform to host an eCommerce checkout solution. At this point, let us get to know how a WooCommerce website can get hacked. We live in a time where the threat to the security of the consumer has emerged as one of the key issues that have plagued the businesses across the globe.

It has become easier than ever for hackers to hack websites, mainly the ones that are hosted by WordPress. These hackers gain illegitimate access to these websites, and they carry out checkout data theft, host malicious content, and cause significant losses to the eCommerce businesses during the checkout process.

Hackers use some of the creative and illegitimate methods when it comes to hacking WordPress and WooCommerce websites. While there are no apparent signs of making out whether your website is hacked or not, tracing some of the common WordPress hacked signs will help.

Following are some of the common signs —. With over 4 million installations, WooCommerce is, undoubtedly, one of the foremost eCommerce plugins. Besides, being one of the popular eCommerce plugins, it is also one of the most vulnerable plugins as well.

WooCommerce Security: The 7 Things You Should Do First

Some of the common vulnerabilities in the core WooCommerce plugin are —. WooCommerce plugin is susceptible to a cross-site scripting vulnerability.

The key reason behind this is the inability to sterilize the input provided by the user aptly. A hacker may take this opportunity to execute malicious script code in the browser of an unwary user. This will help the hacker offer free access to pilfer cookie-based confirmation credentials and initiate other attacks.

If you are using WooCommerce plugin version 2. The hacker, while sitting in a remote location, tend to outwit the WooCommerce administrators to upload malicious CSV file that supplies tax rate details for a particular nation or area.WooCommerce Site Hackers - a growing global problem!

Hackers attacking WooCommerce Sites is becoming a growing problem around the globe. WooCommerce sites fall victim because of vulnerabilities that allow hackers access. Once they have access, they may do some or all of the following things to your site: Commit fraud and theft on others by turning your WooCommerce site into a "phishing" site. Your site can be used to send spam emails to millions of others. Jeopardize customer relationships by putting malware code on your WooCommerce site which then install harmful viruses on your customers computers.

Your webserver where your WooCommerce site resides can be used to hack into other servers. If your WooCommerce site already has a Virus or Malware? Don't panic - We can help! Proven Protection! At The Computer Geekwe have developed a proven set of solutions that will protect your WooCommerce site and make it as hacker resistant as possible. Modify your htaccess file to put up "road blocks" for known hackers and hacker bots.

Install security patches that will mend several WooCommerce weaknesses. Boost security to your Administrative area. Root out and delete all vulnerable scripts in your Administrative area. This script locks your files so that hackers cannot access and change them. The Computer Geek is the only company that offers this lock down feature. We would be happy to present an estimate free of charge. Whatever your WooCommerce needs are, they will be met with efficient, quality, and friendly service!

What is WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world's favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control. Customer Reviews:. Submit Review.I am sure you feel the need to customize your WooCommerce Thank you pages. Try the Lite Version of NextMove here. People never make instant decisions on your site.

They explore various items before zeroing in on one and swiping their card. They leave their digital footprint by visiting different product pages. Show them the recently viewed items on the Thank You Pages to send them back into the funnel. As far as related products go, WooCommerce pulls them out based on different permutations and combinations. Products that share the same tags or categories are grouped together. How about saying something like this:. Redeeming a coupon code creates a bond of trust and loyalty.

People feel happy about making savings through a coupon code. Personalized coupon code with a deadline is even more persuasive. You can turn their name, email, phone number into a coupon code. Go a step further and set an expiry date for the coupon. Personalized and deadline-bound coupons can be powerful additions to your conversion arsenal. Why miss out?

If you do not want to give a discount to all your buyers, you can show the code to only your first-time buyers. You can create a dedicated Thank you page with the coupon code only for those buyers. This ensures they have a compelling reason for getting the discount.

Thank You page is your chance to form a connection with your customers so that they always choose you over others. One of the most powerful ways to do that is to show a Thank You video. You may create a video that shares a helpful tip related to the specific product they bought. Not every Thank You page may have a video. You may only show it when certain items that need a tip or explanation are bought.

It informs buyers that their order is on the way. And at the same time shares a helpful video tip about that particular product. This has the power to quash buyer remorse and turn them into instant fans. You can use Next Move for creating this level of targeting with Thank You pages.

how to hack woocommerce

Head out to the rule builder section and select the specific product. Once you have this rule condition set, you can create a specific Thank You page that will be shown when the selected product is purchased. Conversion Hack : Go ahead and create a nice, sticky video.

How to Stop Loading WooCommerce .js (javascript) and .css files on all WordPress Posts/Pages?

Maybe give a tour of your warehouse or little back office.Watch Shopify vs. Woocommerce - Best Ecommerce Platform in ? Run your WooCommerce shop wherever you are. Manage orders, track sales, and monitor shop activity with real-time order alerts. Tap to view order info — including product svalue, customer data, shipping info, and notes. Check your overall revenue and view order and visitor data by week, month, and year. WooCommerce is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business.

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