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Facebook Messenger is a valuable marketing and advertising tool for many businesses. There are more than 1. However, Facebook Messenger is modeled for the everyday user, and while it has some business-friendly features, it can be difficult to use for marketing purposes. Features are added or removed on a regular basis with Facebook Messenger. Once you get used to integrating a Messenger feature with your marketing efforts, it seems to disappear or be updated.

The entire process can be very frustrating, and it may tempt you to give up on the platform altogether. You can make up for any missing features on Facebook Messenger by utilizing Chrome extensions.

How to delete all of your Facebook messages at once, using a Google Chrome browser extension

There are more than 40 million active businesses on Messenger each month, and 20 billion messages are sent on a monthly basis. The following free Chrome extensions for Facebook Messenger can help ensure that Messenger works for your business.

It seems like Facebook is constantly changing the way messages and conversations are arranged and displayed through Messenger. This makes it very difficult to establish a regular rhythm and routine for checking messages and responding to them in a timely manner. However, people expect instant results when communicating via Messenger. A poor response rate can turn people away and cause your business to lose money.

For entrepreneurs and small businesses with limited resources, this feat can seem impossible. Thankfully, ChatSilo makes it easy to manage your chats and follow up with prospects through Messenger funnels.

ChatSilo serves as a mini CRM for Messenger because it helps you manage all messages going in and out of your personal and business page. There are several features that makes ChatSilo unique and help you run your business with Facebook Messenger.

ChatSilo is free to install and integrates with Facebook Messenger in just minutes. You can access support through email, chat, or their Facebook group to help solve problems if they arise.

facebook messenger chrome extension

The Chrome extension is also fast and lightweight, so it will not slow down your regular processes through Facebook Messenger. Install ChatSilo for free today. If you work off a desktop computer or laptop, using Facebook Messenger can be a hassle. While the mobile app is a standalone product, Messenger is integrated with Facebook on desktop devices. This means that you are stuck working out of Facebook to read and respond to all messages for your business.

Not only is this a headache, it can also cause distractions and reduce efficiency and productivity. Messenger is just behind Facebook as the most popular iOS app of all time, but the desktop version leaves plenty to be desired. It is often difficult to view messages and respond within the Facebook desktop site because Messenger is not the focus.

App for Messenger creates a separate desktop app for Messenger, similar to the standalone mobile app, so you can open and use Messenger directly from your computer or laptop. App for Messenger is a lite addon for Chrome and provides instant access to your Facebook Messenger account directly from your desktop.

You no longer have to navigate through Facebook to view and send messages. The features offered from App for Messenger are not very robust, but they fulfill the purpose of the Chrome extension. App for Messenger is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

It is also available on all desktop devices, including PC, Mac, and Linux. The extension is free to install and available through the Chrome web store. It enables Messenger to appear in a separate popup, similar to App for Messenger. This extension also notifies you anytime something happens within your Messenger account, so you can stay up to date with all of your incoming messages. Using Facebook Messenger usually requires switching back and forth between various tabs anytime you receive a new message.

If you do not respond right away, you may accidentally forget the message altogether and reduce your response time. It is very similar to App for Messenger, but it is specifically optimized for Firefox and offers a few more features. This Chrome extension is compatible with Google Chrome, but it is optimized for all Firefox versions after Update 2. But to do this we You could download the latest version crx file or old version crx files and install it.

But to do this we need new access settings. Use Messenger Unofficial from within your browser.

facebook messenger chrome extension

It allows you to open your FB mailbox to send and receive messages. Not only for mobile phones. Now you can use Messenger from Google Chrome! It's an amazing way to get in touch with your contacts without wasting time. Messenger is easy to use and it's the best solution for any Facebook user. We know that a solution like an embedded popup may be a better solution, but due to some new technical details, there are some problems with Facebook website. For more information, visit the following websites.

The "unofficial" term highlights the fact we are not related to FB, since we are indie developers. For any suggestion, please write us an email through the options page of the extension. Changelog for version 2. To go back to friends list, press the esc button Changelog for version 2.

Note that if the browser is closed, notifications may not work properly Changelog for version 1. Changelog for version 1. If you don't want sounds, you can disable them on the options page Changelog for version 1.

That's great!! We believe that users should always own their own data!!Due to the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, many social media related add-ons and extensions have been developed for web browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.

facebook messenger chrome extension

Just like your mobile apps, these thirty party tools allow you to update and track your Facebook right from your web browser without having to access to the Facebook homepage. Photo Zoom for Facebook Photo Zoom for Facebook is a light-weight extension that integrates directly into Facebook so you can see the larger images of photo albums, profile photos and more whenever you hover over a zoomable image.

Facebook This is the official Facebook extension for Chrome browser. It lets you easily stay connected and share information with friends. Facebook Colour Changer This Chrome extension gives the option of changing the Facebook colour scheme to anything you want using a colour selector. Pretty Facebook Chat This Chrome extension prettifies your Facebook chat with bigger size, more animation, and more.

Facebook Disconnect Facebook Disconnect blocks all traffic from third-party sites to Facebook servers but still lets you access Facebook itself. Facebook for Chrome Chrome Extension for Facebook is an unofficial extension with easy access to your Facebook news, notifications, and friends right from your Chrome toolbar.

No need to go to Facebook. The Chrome extension is the result of merging FB chat sidebar disabler and new profile disabler. Facebook Fast Delete Messages This extension adds a button in Facebook messages pages to fast delete all of them, plus buttons to delete single messages, without leaving the page.

Facebook Invite All Friends PRO If you have lots of friends to invite to events or page suggestions, you have most likely grown tired of clicking over and over again on each person that you want to invite.

To help you get rid of this pain, you can install this Chrome extension and invite all your Facebook friends to the event with just one click. No more copy paste and typing. Facebook Themes Facebook Theme Gallery This extension now provides a gallery of Facebook Themes to allow you quick and easy access to available Facebook themes. The extension blocks not only the ads on friends pages, but all over the site.

How To Open Facebook Messages Without Messenger App In Chrome(2017)Read description if not working!!

Classic for Facebook A simple extension that restores the Newsfeed as a chronological collection of posts. It also hides the triangular blue corner tabs that appear in each story. The News Ticker panel is now hidden — it used to be visible in the Chat window and the normal view.

Better Facebook Gallery Better Facebook Gallery provides you an easy way to save all the images of a Facebook gallery at once. With this extension installed, you can go to any FB gallery, scroll down to the bottom, and press the icon in the address bar. Ibrii With Ibrii extension, you can snip pictures, text and video from any web pages and share on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Facebook Like Button With this Facebook Like plugin for Chrome, you can like, recommend or share content with your friends from any site you visit. Facebook Messenger Facebook Messenger allows you to open your Facebook mailbox to send and receive messages.

Facebook Photo Uploader Facebook Photo Uploader enables you drag and drop your photos directly from your computer to Facebook. Facebook Lite for Chrome The Google extension lets you receive notifications and stay up to date with all of your friends and family on Facebook with a single click.

With quick access to your Facebook news feed, notifications, messages, events and more, you will always be in the know and never leave the world wondering what you are up to.

Alwittizer Facebook Enhancer Alwittizer Facebook Enhancer enhances your Facebook interface and thus makes it more fun and more enjoyable.

Facebook Simple Notes Simple script that consolidates Facebook notifications by grouping notifications that link to the same place i. Facebook Share Button by Shareaholic This Facebook extension provides you a fast and simple way to share the currently viewed page on Facebook.

It also displays the official FB share count for every web page. Facebook Cleaner This extension removes annoying stuff from your Facebook page such as suggestions box, ad box, and connect with friends box. It also hides the ads on the sides of profile pages.

Facebook Comment Fixer This extension reverts the new default functionality of the Enter key in comments on Facebook. Rather than submitting the comment, Enter will now go back to adding a newline, and the Comment button will be visible again. Facebook Share Button The Share button provides you an easy way to allow your content to be shared on Facebook.Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world.

This social networking site has shaped a whole new trend. With the passage of time, it is adding billions of users all across the world from all regions and places. You keep connected to distant family members, clients, friends and other know ones through it. It has reduced the distance in the hectic life even if you live far away from them. Through this excellent networking, you can chat with people and share pictures and videos with them.

But, it also creates some problems when unscrupulous people get engaged in harming you in various ways through Facebook. Have you ever thought about what else Facebook can do except social networking? It can track locations. You can track the precise location of your friends and family members, using Facebook location tracking.

It is also good for sharing your own location with them. This feature also gives an extended hand to track a person secretly and effectively without realizing them that they are being tracked. There may be several reasons you want to track the location of a person. It is not possible without a correct tracking tool. Tracking your friends on Facebook is the easy process. You can do it in simple steps without mastering any software technology or download any specific app.

But, if you or your friends have not enabled the Facebook location sharing feature on their device, you can not track the location of a person. It can track the location of your Facebook friend through the chats with accuracy. But, it is possible only up to 1 meter. Here are the steps to install this feature and uses. You can also find it on its official website. E nable the developer mode of Google Chrome extension.

Then, the extension is ready to track the desired location. Then, open the chat history of the friend you want to track. That too, when the Facebook location sharing is enabled on the target device. Tracking location can be pretty fun if you yourself are being tracked.

Indeed the Facebook location sharing was created with the intent to enable people to share their location with their family and friends.Facebook, Chrome, and cryptocurrency users should be on the lookout for a new malware strain named FacexWorm that infects victims for the purpose of stealing passwords, stealing cryptocurrency funds, running cryptojacking scripts, and spamming Facebook users. This new strain was spotted in late April by Trend Micro researchers and appears to be related to two other Facebook Messenger spam campaigns, one that took place last Augustand another one from Decemberthe latter spreading the Digmine malware.

Researchers say FacexWorm's modus operandi is similar to the previous two campaigns, but with the addition of new techniques aimed at cryptocurrency users.

The infection chain has remained the same and usually starts with users receiving link spam via Facebook Messenger. Clicking the link leads users to a web page mimicking YouTube, which tries to trick the user into installing a YouTube-themed Chrome extension.

Trend Micro says it analyzed this extension and found numerous malicious functions. For starters, the rogue extension adds code to users' Chrome browsers to steal login credentials from login forms. This behavior isn't active on all sites, but only when users are accessing Google, Coinhive, or MyMonero web accounts.

Collected credentials are sent to the FacexWorm gang's servers. Second, the rogue FacexWorm extension automatically redirects users to a web page pushing a cryptocurrency scam, asking users to send over a small Ether sum to verify their account. The redirection takes place only when users try to access cryptocurrency-related sites.

The extension comes with a list of 52 websites on which the redirection becomes active.

facebook messenger chrome extension

In addition, it will also show up on sites whose URLs also include terms such as "eth," "ethereum," or "blockchain. Third, the extension also inserts a cryptojacking mining script, loading an instance of the Coinhive in-browser miner, which mines Monero for the FacexWorm gang. Fourth, the rogue extension also switches recipient information for cryptocurrency transactions on trading platforms such as Poloniex, HitBTC, Bitfinex, Ethfinex, and Binance, and Blockchain.

Last but not least, when users try to access certain sites, the FacexWorm rogue extension also redirects users to referral URLs, which is another way in which the malware authors are earning money via their infected hosts. Trend Micro said it had an integral role in shutting down this campaign as soon as it got started, reporting it to both Google and Facebook.

The Chrome Web Store staff intervened by removing the extension, while Facebook banned domains associated with the spam messages. Not a member yet? Register Now. To receive periodic updates and news from BleepingComputerplease use the form below. Learn more about what is not allowed to be posted. April 30, PM 0. How FacexWorm spreads and infects users The infection chain has remained the same and usually starts with users receiving link spam via Facebook Messenger. FacexWorm redirects users to scam pages Second, the rogue FacexWorm extension automatically redirects users to a web page pushing a cryptocurrency scam, asking users to send over a small Ether sum to verify their account.

FacexWorm can also steal cryptocurrency Fourth, the rogue extension also switches recipient information for cryptocurrency transactions on trading platforms such as Poloniex, HitBTC, Bitfinex, Ethfinex, and Binance, and Blockchain.The Messenger Extensions SDK brings valuable, Messenger-specific features to any website or web app that is opened in the Messenger webview. With the SDK, you can retrieve information about the person that opened the webview, share content to conversations in Messenger, and deeply integrate with the Messenger UI.

Please note that actual availability of features may vary based on the version of Messenger and device. To use Messenger Extensions in your bot, you must first whitelist the domain the page is served from for security reasons.

Refer to the reference doc on whitelisting for more details. You should insert it directly after the opening body tag on each page you want to load it:. You can use this as a trigger to call other functions available in the SDK. However, you may have to consider the following to make it work properly. You can also use the window. When the iframe is triggered on Messenger web, we set window.

Otherwise, when loading on Facebook chat tabs, window. The following settings or features are not supported on Messenger web clients. They still function properly on Messenger mobile clients. Check that you have whitelisted the domain the page is hosted on. Make sure you are not attempting to call any functions before the SDK has finished loading.

Use window. Docs Tools Support. Messenger Platform. Installing the SDK 1. Whitelist your domain To use Messenger Extensions in your bot, you must first whitelist the domain the page is served from for security reasons.

3 Ways on Facebook Location Tracking

Wait for the SDK load event window. Unsupported Features The following settings or features are not supported on Messenger web clients. If a user has opened the webview via a shared messageit is not required that they have talked to your bot for Messenger Extensions to work.

Make sure that the page is being served over https and does not include any non-standard port. Products Artificial Intelligence. Augmented Reality. Business Tools. Open Source. Social Integrations.Pretty much everyone is on Facebook these days, and it's easy to see why.

The social media network, which boasts over 2. Facebook's Messenger app is particularly handy, allowing for instant and private messaging with your contacts and other users you may not yet be connected to. But how do you get rid of all those messages when you're no longer in need of them?

If you want to clear your Facebook inbox quickly and simply, here's what you need to know about how to do it. Download and install the Google Chrome internet browser if you're not already using it. Once installed, open Chrome and download the Delete All Messages browser extension from the Chrome web store.

Installation is quick and easy, with on-screen prompts appearing to tell you everything you need to know. Add the Delete All Messages extension to Chrome. Once Delete All Messages has been added to your browser, navigate to Facebook. You will notice that the extension's icon, which appears in your top menu bar and features the Facebook Messenger speech bubble logo with a small red X next to it, is illuminated, indicating that the extension has access to your Facebook data.

Click on the Delete All Messages logo in the toolbar, at which point a pop-up will launch which reads "Open your messages. Click the extension's icon to open a small window with a button. On your messages screen, you will see the Delete All Messages toolbar across the top of the screen, giving you the option to delete all messages or to delete selected messages only.

If you want to clear your inbox, all you need to do is click "Delete All Messages. The extension will launch a pop-up asking you to confirm that you do want to delete all messages.

3 AMAZING Chrome Extensions for Facebook Messenger [2019 Reviews]

Click "OK" and your messages will be removed. You can either delete all your messages at once, or pick specific ones to get rid of. It should be noted that once you have deleted all of your messages, they will no longer exist within your Facebook account and you will be unable to restore them at any point, so be sure you no longer need them before deciding to delete.

Local copies of your messages will still exist with the accounts of those you've messaged, however. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Jennifer Still. Tech How To.